We will never forget the day we purchased the Te Horo property. It is the dream place for cannabis production. It took us a long search and some sleepless nights to get to the point of signing the contract.
Phytotecnia is currently leasing the property with the right to purchase it once it is ready to do so.

Phytotecnia was founded in 2019 by agricultural engineers with a doctorate and a masters degree in horticulture, and more than 20 years of experience in applied research and production

We love playing with light.

We love playing with light.

When three years ago we became involved in the medicinal cannabis industry we discovered one of the most complex production systems: producing pharmaceutical grade products from a plant cultivated for thousands of years but with practically no scientific knowledge available about its cultivation or medicinal use due to its prohibition. For someone with our expertise, the challenge was extremely attractive.

At the beginning we were a bit sceptical about the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine. It was difficult to believe that a plant could be used to treat such a wide range of conditions safely. As we learned about the mode of action of cannabis and the effect that prohibition had in the development of cannabis as a medicine, we began to understand the huge potential of the medicinal use of cannabis.

Soon we developed our own ideas on how to approach the opportunity of a business in medicinal cannabis, and Phytotecnia was naturally conceived.